The perfect gift for your football fan (or yourself, you deserve a treat too)!



We're Back!

It's been a busy time away from the site since Christmas but for the first time in 2022 we're restocked and back online. 
We want to say a big thank you to the customers that kept us going over the festive period without much advertising at all including regular giveaways.
Follow our socials, sign up to our mailing list and you may end up with a freebie.
Some of the shirts we have in stock at the moment are the best we've ever had. 
What are you waiting for?


We have become increasingly disillusioned with some other Mystery Boxes advertising campaigns. 
We have seen companies post the latest £70 shirt in an attempt to reel customers in but in reality have next to no chance of unboxing that shirt.
At Mystery Shirts we believe in honest advertising. The shirts you see on our socials and on our website are genuine examples of the shirts we put in our boxes.
There are good companies out there, we aren't saying it's us and only us but we'd rather be upfront with our customers so that nobody is under false pretences - it's only fair. Are you really going to get that brand new £70 shirt in £35/40 boxes? 
Our markups are small. We often make less than £5 on some of our boxes but that's extra value for you and that's why customers come back.
You're safe with us in the knowledge that what you see is what you get - and that's really important to us.

Private Sales

See a specific shirt you like? We'll be posting some of our stock on social media. If you see one you really want we can sell you it privately (providing we have it in your size). Give us a message and we'll see what we can do. 



Have you ever wanted a football shirt but weren't sure what to get?
Perhaps you're stuck on a gift for a loved one or want to impress your five a side mates with a shirt they don't have.
Maybe you want a new challenge on your favourite video game and don't know who to go.

That's where we come in! 

We source shirts from all over the world and work hard to bring football jerseys to our customers that other sites don't have. From the dizzy heights of the Premier League to the obscurity of a club playing in the third tier of Mexican football - we have the lot.

Our boxes contain a random shirt from a team around the world. 

We were formed in September 2020 and have sold thousands of boxes with a large number of our customers coming back for more.

Join in the excitement and see who you get.